It's been over a year since I posed anything here. Needless to say this project was an epic fail. Oh well; you win some and you lose some.



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This post has absolutely nothing to do with The Stardoll Fashion Show, it is just something that I thought I would let you know.

In case you can not tell from the picture, our DKNY store is no more. Now, just like Sephora it as disappeared off the screen of Stardoll with something that is sure to be ugly, tacky and overpriced to be put in its place.



The Future?

I have heard about a few rumors that have been flying around Stardoll about The Stardoll Fashion Show. I have decided that I should go for the record and up front about what has really been going on with the team and I, so here it goes.

Almost a year ago I decided that I wanted to bring something new to Stardoll, something that had never been done before. After all, I never have been one to do what everyone else is doing. I also knew that my plans would be far too big for me to carry out on my own so I hired a team that I had thought I could rely on. Not only did it take several months to find a suitable team but I discovered that working with a team was much harder than I had expected it to be. Certain members of my team neglected to complete the assignments that I had given them, weeks earlier and I was forced to wait. Eventually I was unable to hold off any longer and I completed everything myself. By this point the Fall/Winter 2009 collection would no longer be acceptable as the season had changed to Spring/Summer 2010 and the entire show, theme and all had to be changed. It takes time to create a show that has reached the perfection that most of the team members and I strive for, so TSFS is still in the making. Not only did I discover that some of the team members were not quite as motivated to complete the show as I was, but I also learned that I could not rely on someone to keep all of our discussions confidential. Many of you already know about this incident.

I know that most of you have lost interest, I do not blame you. Comments?


Just Be Ready

Although I am aware that The Stardoll Fashion Show may not be very active at the moment, no one can simply take one of my ideas and pass it off as their own. I know that someone out there in the world of Stardoll knows more than they are willing to tell me, I am still unsure of who that person is. One thing you can be sure of is this; I will figure out who you are, than I will know everything. So you might as well just come clean and save us both a lot of time.




As promised, here is the next spoiler for TSFS. An invitation to the events will be posted here in the next week.
If you own a blog please post this spoiler on it with a link to this blog (sd-fashionshow.blogspot.com) and the main event site (thestardollfashionshow.wordpress.com)


One For The History Books

The Stardoll Fashion Show, an idea that I thought of a while ago but could not quite figure out how to bring into virtual reality. I tried to launch it alone, and failed yet I did not give up. I persevered, I improved my graphics, I put together my fabulous team, I tried again. I wanted to make a mark on the stardoll fashion industry but most of all I wanted to be remembered, even long after I left my account behind. Not for attending parties and owning DKNY but for changing the way stardollians look at fashion. In April 2010 you will see fashion in a new light, in my light.